Intro to Digital Photography

“I MISSED IT!”  Have you ever said that when you try to photograph a funny moment or brilliant sunset?  Sometimes you just have a split second to get it right.  You press the shutter on your camera and it fails to give you the image you hoped you would get.  The subject is blurry or the image came out dark.  You paid a lot of money for your DSLR camera and it is so complex, you just leave it on AUTO and say “I WILL FIGURE IT OUT LATER.”

STOP MISSING THE MOMENT!  Your time to “figure it out” is now!  Let Focus B Studio help you learn how to use your camera!   Starting next month, I will be offering a course to help you learn the basics of how to take a proper photo so that the next time that magic moment arrives you will capture it with confidence!

Class Details:

Cost: $125

This class consists of four sessions on these dates:
May 6th 6-8pm
May 15th 6-8pm
May 22nd 6-8pm
May 29th Location / Photo Walk TBD


My Studio
7902 E 50th St
Tulsa, OK
(Located in The Fontana Shopping Center)

Class Requirements:

  1. DSLR/SLT camera.  This is a camera that will allow you to remove your lens.  DO NOT sign up for this course if you only have your phone camera or a point & shoot camera. 
  2. A tripod.
  3. (optional but recommended) A remote shutter release.

(Class will be both lecture and participation.  All sales are final)

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